Basic Income Token
Dear readers A massive and unique income opportunity has presented itself to me and I am completely into it! Ever heard of the 'Basic Income 4 All'-concept? That concept aims to give every single person on earth a basic income, regardless of any obligation, to prevent poverty in today's world. Some initiative takers have now lanced the idea to give every person who subscribes their site "Basic Income 4 All", a basic income of 100 Basic Income 4 All-tokens, who are valued at approximately 10 $! Yes, you hear it well... EVERY DAY AND FOR FREE: 100 BIT! And this as long they are piling up their tokens to a certain amount. After this goal is reached the BIT's will become a true cryptocurrency and they will be usable as a payment option like the Bitcoin is today! Do not wait, go register right now and start earning those tokens! Kindest regards, Stijn Desmet

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